Jul 19, 2022

Anoka Highway 10 update: Low clearance begins late July/early August at Thurston and Fairoak Avenues

Low clearance will remain in place through mid-summer 2023

MNDot just announced that If you drive any vehicle taller than 10 feet, starting in late July/early August, temporary low clearance restrictions will begin as construction crews build new Hwy 10 bridges to carry Hwy 10 traffic over Thurston Ave./Cutters Grove Ave. and over Fairoak Ave.  

For complete details, go to the MNDot webpage.

In addition to semis and box trucks; this will affect vehicles like RVs, vans, or SUVs that use a rooftop carrier for cargo or bikes, or vehicles that tow a boat or fifth wheel trailer.

If you drive a tall vehicle, you will not be able to cross Hwy 10 at Thurston Ave./Cutters Grove Ave. or Fairoak Ave. You also will not be able to turn south onto Cutters Grove Ave. from Hwy 10 or turn north onto Fairoak Ave. from Hwy 10. Instead, take one of the following alternative routes depending on your destination.

Delivery available for customers

If the construction becomes too inconvenient for customers, General Manager Juston Lano mentioned that Lano offers delivery service to a wide range of nearby loccations. Call our Anoka store for details. This is also a great opportunity for customers to try our mobile services.