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Whether you’re looking for a new or used Bobcat compact track loader for sale; Lano Equipment has a huge inventory in stock and is ready to roll. You can always count on Lano for compact track loader prices that will compete with any dealership, anywhere, anytime. We also offer a wide variety of clearance machines at three convenient locations. Need a rental? We have everything from attachments to skid steers available for daily, weekly, or monthly rates!

Control your Bobcat Skid Steer Loader with your phone?

It’s true. Watch our short video about Bobcat Max Control, which allows you to perform a wide range of tasks with your phone, like loading and unloading trucks, fence post drilling, and much more.

Bobcat, the global leader in construction.

Lano Equipment has been proudly serving customers with Bobcat’s quality performance and reliability for over five decades. Together with *Bobcat, we offer a history of quality performance with construction equipment power. Most Bobcat skid-steer and Bobcat compact track loader models feature auxiliary hydraulics, enclosed cab with cab heat and AC, air ride seat, and turbo diesel engines.

*Bobcat is a registered trademark of Bobcat Company.

Choose the Bobcat compact track loader features you need.

Bobcat T450 Compact Track Loader

Maneuver around tight worksites with the Bobcat T450 compact track loader. The radius lift path excels at jobs with mid-range working heights such as dumping over walls, backfilling or unloading flatbed trucks. A powerful Tier 4 engine makes the T450 an impressive performer.

Bobcat T550 Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat T550 is just 68 in. wide with a bucket, making it a good choice for backfilling and grading. The radius lift path provides greater maximum reach at mid-range heights such as dumping over a wall, backfilling or unloading flatbed trucks. The T550 is powered by a Tier 4 diesel engine.

Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader

With the highest lifting height in the 500 platform, the Bobcat T590 compact track loader is ideal for loading and unloading tasks. The Tier 4, vertical lift T590 is ideal for tasks where space is limited but the need for maximum lift height is necessary.

Bobcat T595 Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat T595 compact track loader has the highest horsepower and Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) in the popular 500 frame size. This vertical path loader provides recognizable power in digging and pushing applications.

Bobcat T870 Compact Track Loader

As the highest-lifting loader on the market, the T870 can handle heavier loads than ever before, giving you access to bigger jobs and increased productivity with every lift cycle. It features the industry-leading 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage. Load over hay wagons, mortar mixers or tandem axle trucks with side boards. Easily stack bricks, blocks and other palletized materials.

Bobcat T64 Compact Track Loader

A redesigned Bobcat engine and lift arms with cast-steel construction deliver powerful performance and durability in the Bobcat® T64 R-Series compact track loader. Engineered to provide the performance needed while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance, the 68-hp T64 offers increased lift capacity and lift height, an inline engine and direct-drive system, excellent visibility and unmatched comfort.

Bobcat T740 Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat T740 compact track loader provides powerful performance with Tier 4-compliant 3.4L engine and generous operating capacity. Combined with an impressive vertical lift path, it’s ideal for nearly any lifting or digging application.

Bobcat T770 Compact Track Loader

With 11 ft. of vertical lift, the Bobcat T770 compact track loader is primed for loading trucks, grinders and hoppers as well as many other jobs. The vertical lift path allows you to easily place cargo and tackle demanding tasks. The T770 is a Tier 4 model.

Bobcat T630 Compact Track Loader

The Bobcat T630 is a radius lift path model in the 600 frame size. This compact track loader gives you maximum forward reach at flatbed truck height for a variety of grading, digging, trenching and backfilling jobs. The T630 is a Tier 4 model.

Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader

Unload and place pallets of materials more easily with the vertical-lift-path Bobcat T650. Combining power, lift and reach, vertical lift path models handle heavy materials and clear tall truck boxes. The Tier 4 engine delivers powerful performance.

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Get Payments as Low as $840/Month on an E32 Mini Excavator

Break ground and save big with a new Bobcat® E32 mini excavator. Get Payments as Low as $840/Month* Or Rebates up to $10,500 USD*.

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Get Payments as Low as $1,060/Month on an E35 Mini Excavator

Break ground and save big with a new Bobcat® E35 mini excavator. Get Payments as Low as $1,060/Month* Or Rebates up to $10,500 USD*.

The offer starts 012/01/2023 and ends 12/31/2023

0% Financing or Cash Rebates on Skid-Steer Loaders

Load up on savings – and performance – when you add a new Bobcat compact track loader to your equipment fleet. Get as low as 0% APR* for up to 36 months with up to $7,000 USD**, or up to $12,000 USD* cash rebates in lieu of financing on select loaders.

The offer starts 12/01/2023 and ends 12/31/2023

0% Financing or Cash Rebates on Compact Track Loaders

Load up on savings – and performance – when you add a new Bobcat compact track loader to your equipment fleet. 0% APR for up to 24 months* OR In lieu of financing receive rebates up to $400 USD* on select compact track loaders.

The offer starts 12/01/2023 and ends 12/31/2023

*Offer ends 12/31/23. Available at participating and eligible dealers only. Offer may vary by product type, series, model and select units in dealer's current inventory. Must take delivery from dealer stock by 12/31/23. Offers available on new equipment in US and Canada only. Some restrictions apply. Length of contract and rate may vary. Monthly payment subject to change. Prior purchases not eligible. See dealer for details. Financing provided on approval of credit by authorized Bobcat finance providers to well-qualified buyers. Administrative fees may apply. Offer not available to government accounts, national accounts and municipal/utility bid customers. Bobcat Company reserves the right to extend or discontinue any of these programs at any time without prior notice.

Compact Track Loader Q&A:

Everything you need to know before you buy or rent a compact track loader.

What’s in a name? What is a compact track loader

Compact track loaders are essentially skid steer loaders with high-flotation rubber tracks, allowing these earthmoving machines to work in poor underfoot conditions and on sensitive surfaces.

What is a compact tractor used for?

A compact track loader allows you to work efficiently in smaller yards and navigate narrow spaces and doorways that would hold up larger equipment. Plus, the new Bobcat MT100 delivers a big boost in power with a 1,000-lb.
All that aside, here are some jobs you can do with your compact track loader and the attachments you can use:

  • Snow Removal – You can use the snow blade attachment or a snowblower attachment on your skid to steer to the bush or blow snow.
  • Excavating, digging, and trenching – Skid steer loaders are great for earthmoving tasks like digging, trenching, and excavating. There are a variety of attachments you can use for these tasks, depending on your project. Some examples include an auger, trencher, and wheel saw. With the right attachment, a skid steer can help you complete your excavating, digging, or trenching project!
  • Loading – Skid steer loaders can help you carry equipment and materials around using a bucket attachment.
  • Mowing – ou may be surprised to know you can also use a skid steer to mow your lawn or brush that is in the way! With a rotary brush cutter, you can cut down tall grasses and other brush to clean up an area. You may even be able to cut down some smaller trees less than 3″ in diameter. Skid steers are zero-turn; they offer the precision you need for mowing but with more abilities than a typical riding mower.
  • Landscaping – Examples of landscaping tasks you can accomplish with a skid steer loader are grinding stumps, chipping wood, and tilling. With a bucket, you can transport materials like gravel or mulch or landscaping tools easily that you would otherwise have to push in a wheelbarrow.

How do i choose a compact track loader?

Look at horsepower and torque. These affect the compact track loader’s power, efficiency, and fuel efficiency. They also matter for the attachments you’ll be coupling the machine with. Getting these specs right for the intended uses is a key part of shopping for a new CTL.

Should I buy or rent a compact tractor?

To purchase a compact track loader, you’ll either need a sizeable amount of cash or decent credit. While a purchase requires a larger upfront cost, it could save you money over time, especially if you plan on using the machine frequently. Use this general rule of thumb: if you use the machine more than 65% of the year, a purchase makes sense. If you use it less than 65% (or less than eight months in a year), then you should rent. There are also possible tax advantages of buying as well as the potential return on investment, ask your accountant what makes sense for you.

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