Oct 14, 2021

Brush with fame? Dirt Monkey visits Shakopee, his ‘favorite dealership’

Youtube sensation Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek, creator of our favorite ‘behind the scenes’ construction and landscaping videos stopped in to Shakopee for a visit recently, claiming he brought one of his machines over ‘200 miles from up north’ just to have the problem assessed in our shop. Stanley was also in the market for some sort of mini skid loader, to utilize on some of his projects, possibly a Toro Dingo?

It was quite an honor actually, the Dirt Monkey’s Youtube channel hosts hundreds of videos totaling millions of views. The internet celebrity of sorts, got a complete tour of Shakopee, while quickly reminiscing with Roger Lano (see below), and shaking hands with new Salesperson Joel Theis, and Juston Lano. The video below begins on one of the monkey’s many fascinating projects, and ends on a trip to Lano Shakopee. To see him chatting with our guys, skip to roughly he 20 minute mark to see the Shakopee segment.

The monkey can stop by anytime.