Develon: the Continuous Evolution, For Better

Doosan Construction Equipment marks a new beginning as DEVELON. Let Lano Equipment help you select the best new and used Develon equipment, at the best prices anywhere.

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Develon – to continue developing onwards and leaving behind a positive footprint in our world.

Lano Equipment is proud to partner with Develon whose products are known for reliability and quality. When you choose Develon for your heavy equipment and construction equipment needs, Lano Equipment offers world-class customer service, plus competitive financing programs, parts and service. Lano Equipment offers a wide variety of new, used and clearance machines at three convenient locations. Need a rental? We have everything from attachments to excavators to wheel loaders available for daily, weekly or monthly rates!

Meaning ‘Develop’ and ‘Onwards,’ DEVELON represents HDI’s new beginning and challenging spirit.

The new brand name encompasses our willingness to move onwards to the future through innovation and to relentlessly change the world with top-level products and solutions.

Made to Move the Earth:

HDI has a long history of developing products and solutions needed for building infrastructure to improve our world. Through the years, we’ve focused on providing products and solutions that exceed the expectations of the industry and our customers. Moving forward, we’ll introduce more innovative products and solutions that go beyond the world’s expectations.

Check out our inventory of new and used Develon excavators and wheel loaders for sale.

Develon Excavators

You’ll find a crawler excavator model equipped for nearly any digging, lifting, and loading application-including confined roadways, major construction projects, mass excavation, heavy-duty mining, scrap handling, and more. Most models feature a long carriage (LC) design that optimizes performance in heavy digging and lifting operations. Additional options include additional counterweight and boom and arm options, including a super long reach option on some models, so you can handle whatever the job site throws at you.

Develon Wheel Loaders

Designed to scoop, carry, and load material, Develon wheel loaders face a wide range of material handling tasks-from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel) in construction and municipal operations to industrial, mining, and quarrying applications.

Each model offers outstanding comfort features, superior lift height and lift capacity, and enough torque to penetrate hard materials. Plus, two tool carrier options provide added versatility with seamless attachment capabilities.

Get low, low rates for new equipment purchases, or great resources for used.

Lano Equipment offers the most competitive pricing for a range of new and used equipment. For new products, ask us about Develon’s current programs. If you need financing to purchase a used excavator or wheel loader, we can hook you up with resources that can offer you some options.

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