Oct 27, 2023

14 questions to ask your salesman about your new trailer investment:

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Buying a heavy equipment trailer is a significant investment, and it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you get a trailer that meets your needs and offers good value for your money. Lano Equipment offers some of the best-built brands on today’s market including Felling, Eby, Liberty, Morritz and more. Here are some key questions to ask when purchasing a heavy equipment trailer.

  • Dealer reputation? What brands is your dealer authorized to represent, and do they offer service after the sale?
  • Warranty and return policy? Understand the manufacturer’s warranty and any return or exchange policies in case the trailer has defects or issues.
  • What equipment will you be hauling? Ensure the trailer is suitable for the specific types and sizes of equipment you intend to transport.
  • Trailer’s weight capacity? Make sure the trailer can safely carry the weight of your heaviest equipment. Consider the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and the payload capacity.
  • What type of trailer do you need? Options include deck-over, lowboy/drop-deck, gooseneck, and more. Select the type that best suits your equipment and transportation needs.
  • What is the trailer’s length and width? The dimensions of the trailer should accommodate your equipment comfortably and safely. Consider legal size restrictions for transportation in your area.
  • What materials is the trailer made from? Determine the trailer’s construction materials (e.g., steel, aluminum) and their durability. Consider factors like rust resistance and overall longevity.
  • Suspension system? Suspension affects the trailer’s stability and ride quality. Air ride or leaf spring suspensions are common options.
  • Brakes configured? Ensure the trailer has adequate and functioning brakes, such as electric, hydraulic, or air brakes, depending on your needs.
  • What type of tires are on the trailer? Check the condition and quality of the tires. Verify whether they are suitable for heavy loads and long-distance hauling.
  • Are there any special features or accessories? Consider any additional features or accessories, such as ramps, winches, toolboxes, or tie-down points, that might be necessary for your equipment.
  • Registration and licensing requirements? Determine the legal requirements for registering and licensing the trailer in your area, as they can vary by location.
  • Delivery or pickup process? Discuss the logistics of how you will receive the trailer and whether any additional costs are involved.
  • Is financing or leasing available? Ask about financing or leasing options if you need assistance with the purchase.

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