Jul 1, 2021

Looking for new tracks? Save a few bucks with factory ‘take-off’ tracks for Bobcat and Kubota

Often times, when customers purchase new Bobcat or Kubota skid steer loaders, they have special needs for their particular applications and subsequently purchase special upgrade track, metal or other designs. So the original tracks come off, and pile up in inventory until we can find homes for them. And currently, we have a lot in stock, waiting for customers to come along and snap up these bargains.

For Bobcat, we have approximately 30-35 sets (all stores) of C pattern, long-life factory Bobcat tracks that will fit T62, T64 and T66 machines with (16”) wide track capability with pricing estimated at about $1890 (estimated). Not sure at this time how this pricing compares with actual market prices, hopefully our price point will offer you some savings. Really great quality tracks fi you’re looking to replace something that’s just plain worn out.

If you own a Kubota SV75-2, we have a fair number of standard stock, factory (take-off) tracks for around $1350 (estimate). New ones for about $2900 (estimate). Not sure what our inventory level is for these, so you’ll have to call in to find out. Definitely a value price on Kubota for sure. 

Call 763-307-2800 for details, while supplies last!