Aug 11, 2021

Metal Pless heavy duty blades now on the ground, but order early while they last

Every year, we order a good handful of Metal Pless heavy duty blades for skid steers, and other large scale loader vehicles. Metalples is the top of the line, and the price justifies it. So if your task is moving massive amounts of snow, now is the time to make a move. Metal Pless snow plows feature a unique shape that allows it to push a greater amount of snow further, using less horse power. Also designed with patented a universal subframe which is 40% lighter than the competition and can be fitted to almost all types of tractors.

“They’re awesome, ran a live edge max pro on a 320 Komatsu for five years in Moncton NB. The boss has bought many more after he saw the results on how well they scraped and how easy it cleaned around curb island and cars. Well worth every dollar.”

Call 763-307-2800 for details, while supplies last!