Mar 9, 2022

Mobile Service: everything you need to know to get your machine up and running, without hauling it into the shop

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For a few years now, contractors and homeowners have called on Lano Equipment for Mobile Service when their skid steer loaders, tractors, excavators or other machines are in distress and need service or maintenance. When we dispatched our first Mobile Service Truck in late 2018, the service was instantly popular, so we eventually added two more trucks to keep up with demand.

And what’s not to like? Wouldn’t anyone prefer to have a technician come to the job site for repairs vs. hoisting a stalled machine onto a trailer, and hauling it into the shop, where it might sit and wait to be fixed? It’s easy to see why word of mouth was sufficient to keep several trucks busy. But now, with several hundred successful mobile service calls under our belt, we’d like to formally get the word out.

Why use mobile service?

  • We come to you, no matter where you are – no hauling your heavy machine onto a trailer
  • Convenience – for example, you can save valuable time when someone can come to your location to complete a simple task like swapping a snowblower for a mower
  • Productivity, profitability – sometimes when a machine is down, your entire crew might have to bring a machine to the shop, which is very costly
  • Get your machine fixed fast – avoid potential extra downtime when your machine might be waiting in line to get into the shop

Services we offer:

This is just a sample of the many different types of mobile service we offer. Once we understand your issue, we can bring all parts needed for any repair from our locations. There’s not much we can’t do on a mobile basis.

  • All diagnostics – electronic, mechanical, hydraulics
  • Standard preventative maintenance – oil changes, tune-ups, and more
  • Undercarriage repairs
  • Attachment troubleshooting and repairs
  • Bob-tach repairs
  • Engine malfunction repairs
  • Alternators, starters
  • Battery replacement
  • Much more

Service areas we cover:

Generally, you can receive mobile service for your skid steer loader, excavator or other machine issues in the Twin Cities metro area, suburbs, and exurbs. We can readily service machines as far outstate as St. Cloud, Mankato, Rochester, Duluth and other areas if necessary. We can even service machines in neighboring states under the right circumstances.


We generally provide mobile service between the hours of 7am to 5pm. Emergency after hours service is available upon request.

reasonable Fees:

Lano Equipment’s Mobile Service rates are very reasonable at $150 per hour when compared to $125 per hour for standard shop fees. Mobile Service also requires a standard $100 dispatch fee which covers diagnostic consultation, pulling parts and other services necessary to get you up and running.