Sep 16, 2021

New Kubota U48-5 compact excavator – good old fashioned power, packed with modern features

When Kubota dreamed up their new U48-5 compact excavator, they envisioned a powerful, versatile 40.4 horsepower machine with 9304 pound breakout force that could take on the toughest jobs anyone can dish out. Mission accomplished. But they also made sure to include all the modern bells and whistles like optional keyless start, rear view camera and KubotaNOW telematics and more, just to make those tough jobs just wee bit cushier. Factor in an optional hydraulic angle blade and the new U48-5 is ready to help you break new ground, in more ways than one.

Check these awesome bells and whistles!

  • NEW – 7″ LCD Color Display with jog dial (Standard) 
  • NEW Keyless Start – start the excavator without the use of a manual key; no more losing or can’t find your keys; excavator will store up to (10) user passcodes to start the machine; anti theft tool (Dealer -Option)
  • Rearview Camera – factory ready; dealer installed option; engage the rearview camera by pressing the ‘camera’ button on the right hand side key pad; screen will split with machine information on top and a clear view behind the excavator
  • Automatic One Way Flow Hydraulic Return Line (3rd Line) – on the (-4) excavators the 3rd return line is engaged manually on the right side valve bank; the new feature is electronic and engaged through the display
  • Dual Adjustable Seat & Console – allows the operator to find the perfect operating position in the cab
  • LED Working Lights – standard feature; changed from Halogen lights to LED 
  • Improved AC System – improved from (5) air vents to, now, (7) air vents for quick cool down or heat defrost