Aug 24, 2021

Ryan rocks rental – Bobcat T62 helps tackle tricky lakefront shoreline restoration

Lano Equipment’s Ryan Sabre had a buddy who needed major help with a shoreline situation at his cabin on Horseshoe Lake near Harris, MN a few weeks back. Ryan’s friend, Chris Perry had some major erosion issues going on, and desperately needed to shore up the banks with rock, to prevent further damage.

Lucky for Chris, he had a buddy like Ryan who knew just how to tackle the situation, at least as far as getting the right gear for the job. The project would require about 42 tons of large rocks, some light excavating, several yards of heavy duty landscape fabric, and a Bobcat T62 Compact Track Loader, courtesy of Lano Rental, at the weekend rate. From there, Ryan and Chris sweated it out, taming a huge row of nasty lakeside weeds, and prepping for the for the 42 tons of rock they would place with the T76.

Over the course of a weekend, the two got the job done, and Chris’ lakeside property never looked better. When it comes to challenging projects like this, it pays to have a good friend like Ryan, and Lano Equipment.