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Choose from a huge variety of single stage and two stage models from Toro.

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Winter weather is tough enough. Make snow removal easy with a powerful Toro snowblower from Lano Equipment.

From the electric Power Shovel to the heavy-duty Power Max HD, Toro snowblowers combine outstanding durability with advanced technology so you can clear snow like a pro. With Toro, new or used reliability is built in – so you can count on performance winter after winter. It’s a choice you’ll be glad you made every time it snows. Need a rental? We have everything from attachments to skid steers available for daily, weekly, or monthly rates; also check out our clearance section!

Toro Power Max HD Commercial Two Stage Snowblower

Toro Power Max HD Two Stage Snowblower

Toro Power Curve Single stage snowblower

Toro SnowMaster two stage snowblower

For pricing and availability on snowblowers, call 763-307-2800.

Snowblower Q&A:

Everything you need to know before you buy or rent a snowblower.

What are the different kinds of snowblowers?

The main types of snowblowers are single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage.

  • Three-stage snowblowers can quickly remove heavy or icy snow, but this may only be necessary for areas where a high volume of snow is common.
  • Each type of snowblower is available in various widths, and single-stage and two-stage snowblowers are available as electric snowblowers or gas-powered models.
  • Consider these questions to make sure you find the best snowblower for your terrain as well as the amount and type of snow your area typically receives.

How large of an area can a snowblower handle?

Single-stage snowblowers are perfect for smaller areas such as walkways and small driveways. If your driveway is over 60 feet long or you have a larger area to clear, choose a two- or three-stage snowblower.

What snow depth can a snowblower handle?

Single-stage and two-stage snowblowers are great for depths of up to 12 inches and three-stage units can handle 16 inches of snow or more.

How long do snowblowers last?

Single-stage snowblowers have an average lifespan of around 10 years; however, a high-quality two or three-stage snowblower, when properly maintained, cleaned, and stored, can last 15 to 25 years.

How big of a snow blower should I get?

For most residential driveways, a snowblower that is 18-24 inches in width and over a foot in height is adequate.