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Take the work out of mowing your yard and have more time to enjoy it with a Toro zero-turn mower.

Cut your mow time with heavy-duty Toro zero-turn riding lawn mowers that deliver exceptional quality of cut while providing years of dependable performance you can count on. Toro zero turn mowers are available in a wide range of sizes and price ranges for virtually any size property or any terrain. With Toro’s proven durability, you’ll have a great zero-turn mower you can count on for years to come. Call now at 763-307-2800.

We offer a wide variety of new, used, and clearance machines at 3 convenient locations. Need a rental? We have everything from lawn mowers to electric lawn and garden available!

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Easy to maneuver, shorter mow time, fuels savings, cleaner mowing, are just a few reasons you’ll love a Toro Zero Turn Mower.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with a Toro zero-turn mower.

What is a zero turn lawn mower? A zero turn lawn mower is a lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero, operated with two levers in the place of a steering wheel that controls wheel motors on each of the back wheels. These independent wheel motors allow the mower to turn on a dime, or maneuver around obstacles quickly and efficiently.

Maximum maneuverability – Dual wheel motors found on zero turn mowers allow the driver to control each wheel independently, allowing you to go forward, backward, right, or left just by moving your arms the direction you want to travel.

Cut your mow time in half – This the average with a heavy duty zero turn mower, but will vary from yard to yard depending on yard size and obstacles, but you’ll see a significant drop in the amount of time you’re on you’re lawn mower. The zero turn’s higher maneuverability allows you to move freely around obstacles like trees and houses, and allows you to change directions with ease.

Fuel savings – Cut your mowing time, you’ll use less gas.

Cleanest mow possible – The zero turn mower’s higher blade tip speed allows you to get a cleaner, neater cut on the grass, so your yard looks like a million bucks!

More efficient mulching – The zero turn mower’s higher blade tip speed allows you to chop up leaves better and more efficiently than traditional riding mowers or lawn tractors.

Less trimming – The zero turn mower’s maneuverability and control gets closer to objects in your yard, so you don’t always need to spend extra time with your push mower or trimmer to still achieve a clean look.

Longer lasting – Because you aren’t working your engine for as long a period of time as a regular mower you’re creating less wear on average. This means that your heavy duty zero turn mower is going to outlast a comparable riding mower!

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