Feb 28, 2022

Toro’s electric lawn care ‘Revolution’ now underway – electric zero turn mowers ‘coming soon’

The future of electric lawn care is here. This spring, Toro will introduce two new all electric zero turn mowers – the new Revolution GrandStand® 48″ (122 cm) (18562) and the Revolution Series 48″ (122 cm) (18748) Revolution Series GrandStand. Both are built on the same proven GrandStand chassis and TURBO FORCE® deck that homeowners and lawncare pros have trusted for years, but with a quieter, eco-friendlier design to deliver lower overall cost over the machine’s lifetime. Featuring Toro’s Horizon Technologies, the Revolution Series electric zero-turn mowers promise a smarter, more connected fleet designed to make operation more efficient than ever before. With all-day runtime from the Toro developed HyperCell battery system for reliable, all-day operation.

Neither new Toro electric zero turn model is available yet at Lano Equipment, but we expect to be hearing more about these exciting new models in the coming months, with deliveries hopefully sometime in 2022. No promises, however. But they will be worth the wait, as the promise of efficient, quiet, non-polluting electric mowing technology is finally here on a larger scale, complete with the big red Toro brand Americans trust.

“We’re trying to build a (return-on-investment) model that will let commercial landscaping companies turn a profit on these units quickly,” said Jared Neussen, product marketing manager for the Revolution electric series. Neussen said the return will come in multiple forms — lower fuel costs, more work hours in a day, government incentives to go green and lower maintenance costs.

The introduction of electric zero turn mowers has been coming for a while now, with Toro’s proven success with electric walk-behind mowers sold at Lano Equipment for the past few years. These models have been popular for the same reasons – simplicity, fuel savings, and green technology. Two of Toro’s popular electric walk behind mowers sold at Lano Equipment include the Toro Recycler 21″ (53cm) 60V MAX* Electric Battery High Wheel Mower (21356) and the Toro Recycler 22″ (56cm) 60V MAX* Electric Battery High Wheel Mower (21466).

The new electric zero turn models automatically pairs with Horizon360 connected technology to that offer insights including battery life and charging status, among many other features. Plus Toro’s Patent-Pending Software Controls help optimize machine feel and response, including speed control, and more.

No doubt, the future of electric lawncare is here, but you might to wait til late Summer or Fall to get your hands on one.