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Everything you need to know before you buy tracks.

Why get skid steer loader tracks?

A skid steer loader with tracks can better handle digging and bulldozing jobs more so than a skid steer loader with wheels. Due to better traction than wheels, tracks can push through soft or muddy soil more effectively. Tracks have a larger surface area in contact with the ground.

What are the different skid steer loader track types?

Lano Equipment has four main track types:

  • Rubber: Skid steer loaders rely on sturdy rubber tracks to help them operate on and off-road and in wet areas while carrying heavy materials.
  • Steel: Steel tracks improve performance in rough, rocky, and muddy conditions. Steel tracks provide better flotation and reduced ground pressure when operating in tough environments. When working in soft and loose conditions, steel tracks improve traction.
  • Over-the-tire: Over-the-tire tracks are a great option if you want enhanced traction and flotation for your skid steer. These tracks also offer better control and increased stability, making working on gravel, rocky, and muddy ground conditions easy
  • Take-Off:

How do I find my skid steer loader’s tire size?

The tire size for your vehicle and wheels can be found in two places: Sidewall of your tire. Inside frame of the driver side door!

How are skid steer loader tires measured?

A : WIDTH – Measure from one side of the tire to the other, at the widest part.

B : HEIGHT – Measure the distance between the top and the bottom of the tire.

C : HUB DIAMETER – Measure from one side of the hub to the other, at the widest part.

D : RIM DIAMETER – Measure from one side of the rim to the other, at the widest part.

E : NUMBER OF BOLT HOLES – Count the holes 

F : BOLT HOLD DIAMETER – Confirm the diameter of the bolt hole.

G : STUD CENTER – Measure from the center of a stud to the center of the one across from it.