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No matter what you’re hauling, Lano can help you select the perfect trailer to get you where you’re going.

Lano Equipment always has a huge selection of new and used quality construction trailers for hauling practically any type of equipment – skid steer loaders, excavators, compact tractors, lawn mowers – you name it. Choose from the best dump trailers, drop deck trailers, gooseneck trailers, deck-over tag trailers, semi-trailers, aluminum trailers, and more, all from the best manufacturers.

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For pricing and availability on construction trailers, call 763-307-2800.

Trailer Q&A:

Everything you need to know before you buy or rent a trailer.

What are the different types of trailers?

  • DROP DECK TRAILERS – A drop deck trailer is a commercial trailer designed to carry tall cargo that exceeds the legal height limit if transported on a traditional flatbed trailer. Transporting tall cargo on a drop deck trailer prevents drivers and operators from having to obtain permits.
  • GOOSENECK TRAILERS – Gooseneck trailers can be much longer, wider, and heavier than most bumper-pull units, which allows them to carry more weight (upward of 30,000 pounds) without compromising stability. They’re typically used for commercial purposes such as hot-shot vehicle towing, agriculture, horse/livestock transporting, etc.
  • DECK OVER TRAILERS – A deck over trailers, however, have a deck that rests above the wheels, creating a wider platform and a higher center of gravity. The deck over setup also allows for more versatility in cargo and towing styles, but not everyone prefers this style.
  • ALUMINUM TRAILERS – Lightweight: One of the strongest advantages aluminum trailers have is their lightweight construction. This makes them much easier to haul for lighter vehicles and helps keep those vehicles more fuel-efficient.
  • DUMP TRAILERS – A dump trailer is a perfect option for taking on a landscaping project. If you’re a landscaper, this workhorse will take on the back-breaking process of moving mulch, topsoil, and other materials.

How do i choose a TRAIler?

First, think about the following questions:

  • How will it be used?
  • What size do I need?
  • What load capacity do I need?
  • Is the bed height a factor?
  • Does it need sides?
  • Do I need ramps?
  • What about a tailgate?
  • What will I use to tow the trailer?

Should I buy or rent a trailer?

To purchase a trailer, you’ll either need a sizeable amount of cash or decent credit. While a purchase requires a larger upfront cost, it could save you money over time, especially if you plan on using the machine frequently. Use this general rule of thumb: if you use the machine more than 65% of the year, a purchase makes sense.  If you use it less than 65% (or less than eight months in a year), then you should rent. There are also possible tax advantages of buying as well as the potential return on investment, ask your accountant what makes sense for you.